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Northern Michigan Veneers, Inc., located in Gladstone, Michigan, began as the original company in the Besse Forest Products Group. Utilizing the extensive experience of its founder in wood products manufacturing and keeping abreast of technological advances has enabled this company to produce the highest quality face veneers. This plant has 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space filled with state-of-the-art equipment and the capacity to splice 150,000,000 square feet (13,935,456 square meters) of face veneers annually.

To ensure continued quality and customer service, NMV recently completed a major modernization of the entire production facility. NMV has installed 4 Kuper Cross Feed Splicers, 3 Fisher Ruckle Cross Feeds, 7 Double Knife Guillotines, 3 grading belt lines, various long and short grain clippers, and 3 end binders.

In addition to their spliced face veneer products, Northern Michigan Veneers offers a line of clipped, bundled, and tied products in a variety of species, grades, thicknesses, lengths and widths for shipment to the domestic and export markets.

Meeting the customers shipping needs is a priority at Northern Michigan Veneers. In 2003, a centralized shipping warehouse was established in Escanaba, Michigan to provide effective inventory management and efficient order filling and transportation of finished goods to the customer. The facility can house over 40,000,000 square feet of hardwood face panels in inventory - a complete line of hardwood faces for its customers.

The company offers the largest selection of hardwood North American species, cuts, and grades of any veneer mill in North America providing our customers with "one stop shopping".